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CAR: BMW 435i vs Audi S5 vs Mercedes E400 Comparison Review

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So, who wins? The Audi costs most, yet at the end of day two it is the least loved of the three cars. It still looks stunning, its interior still feels special, and it’s still the coupe to beat against the stopwatch in a straight line. But it tells you plenty about this segment of the market that those qualities aren’t enough to win. So, BMW or Mercedes? If we were talking convertibles here, I would jump at the E400, simply because the 4-series cabrio will adopt the ungainly retractable hardtop from the outgoing 3-series. The Benz has a lot of other things going for it, too. Perceived quality, for instance, style at least from certain angles, packaging (biggest boot, most rear legroom), a great engine and that magic carpet ride. On the debit side, ho-hum ergonomics, a rather steep asking price, the absence of four-wheel drive and not much else. Sure, the neatly balanced and admirably competent 435i is even more fun to drive. But in the mirror of the BMW, the E-class looms larger than expected.

Having said that, the BMW is more affordable, and although it doesn’t look quite special enough inside and out to justify that trumpeted 4-series badge, number four-three-five is again the pacesetter when it comes to having fun from A to B. And back. And forth again.

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