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Originally Posted by auf Deutsche View Post
Those of us in snow prone areas needing xDrive may have an advantage with the 0-60 runs. BMW claims the best times are with AWD coupled with 8AT get you 4.7s....w/o ppk. Hooking up with the extra torque is tough with RWD, hence the 5.0s getting all squirrly with wheel spin as you state. Thanks for the in-depth additional review!
Yeah, I wish I could get access to a VBOX to get more accurate times, but I'm glad I did see an improvement after MPPK regardless of how inaccurate that BMW app may be. I wonder if anyone has recorded sub 5.0s times with the BMW app.

Originally Posted by tdizzle View Post
Nice review. Looks like you found a great dealership too.
Didn't have much of choice, haha. They are the closest - and still 1.5 hours away. Sales wise they're a little hard to deal with (bought my 320i from them, referred a friend a month later to get his 428i, and they still couldn't come close to the deal I got from Atlanta on my 335i) but their service department so far has been excellent. The service manager was excited when he heard about what I wanted to do, which is why I think he gave me the discount on the labor, it would have been $300 otherwise. Even when he wasn't able to match the deal on the M Performance parts, he still agreed to do the install for $125.

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