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Originally Posted by Steve33 View Post
Wait so the launch control run you did was the one you jumped? Interesting that LC was actually slower
Same thing has been observed on the S4 DCT. To me, LC seems more useful on a RWD car, since you aren't really traction limited on the AWD launch. It's even the case that LC is slower for GIAC tuned S4's (the DSG TCU flash), which has raised launch control to 4k RPM.

It's quite possible the ECU is somehow limiting engine torque in light of using LC. No one here has really convinced me that launch control is even needed for an autobox, since you can just brake torque it for even more torque than you'd normally have at a given engine load. Not to mention the turbo is tuned pretty well for low RPM's (also VANOS on the exhaust cams), so it should be pretty hard to bog down the N55. I.e. you don't need to launch the N55 at 5k RPM to avoid lag like you might with some other engines.

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