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Originally Posted by insanediego View Post
Added a port install of the MPPK to my 335 today (which is currently on the Swallow Ace somewhere in the Atlantic - woot!).

They said that the MPPK can be a port install and, therefore, built into the msrp, but not the MPE... in any case the MPPK adds about $20/mo to my 36mo lease.

Can't wait to get that car!
Did they give you invoice price on the MPPK? It should only be around $860. The MPE can also be port installed (tell them to look up code Z10), they are mistaken if they told you otherwise. As far as the entire exhaust being residualized, I'm not sure - I think $400 of the ~885 can be residualized. But even so, a port install means free labor so definitely get both w/ the build.