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Arrow We Visit the Special BMW Concept Cars Display at BMW Museum

BMW Museum - special (temporary) display of their concept cars...

As soon as I learned that the BMW Museum would be showing off some of BMW AG's concept car, I knew I would need to go for a visit. IF you are in the Munich area, I would recommend a visit to the Museum. The special concept cars will only be on display until Sunday March 2nd.

One car that was a big surprise to me was the BMW X Coupé (2001). I had seen the BMW Concept Study CS1 (2002) before at BMW Classic, but the X Coupe I found really interesting.

I spoke with one of the Museum guides who told me something interesting about the Gina concept car. That car used to be on a display at the base of the spiral ramp where anyone could walk up next to the car. Since the Gina concept had special fabric/skin... he told me that many people would touch the car and poke at it. Gina's hood had several holes in it after awhile, so BMW had to repair it. But they now have so little of that special fabric skin remaining that when the car is shown at the Museum or special events, it has to be in an area where no one can walk up next to it. What a shame people touch cars on display.

Another surprise for me was the Gran Lusso Coupe based on the 7 series. In pictures, I did not like it much, but in real life I must say it was really nice. The more I looked it over the more I found myself wanting to drive it. IDK why.

Enjoy the pics... Dackel

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