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What an amazing topic. Kudos to Jason for posting. Coincidentally, I was just going to through a recent issue of SPORTCAR (scca member magazine). It was interesting to see Randy Pobst admit that DCT, Sequential shifter etc were all faster than manual tranny. It's going to take a while for some of us die-hard 6MT(even 5sp MT) enthusiast to come around. It really is hard to watch our art of heel-toe rev match that took forever to perfect, get shredded by rapid downshift, blipping way late into the turn DCT. Even shocked to see porsche go the same route with the new GT3. Turbos are here to stay, and customers love DCT. Even the great Aryton Senna had to adapt when he saw the opposition getting faster and faster. The writing is on the wall, but as long as I'm not in the competition world with the opposition having an electronic advantage, then BMW pleeeease give me my 3 pedals so I can still stay completely involved with our ultimate driving machine. Thanks again Jason for posting. A topic that will never die.