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F34 [UK] Business navi map update, dealer/BMW says no, should I accept this ?

My F34 is an Oct 2013 build (which I didn't know until I got it, don't mind though), I signed the contract on 6 Dec 2013, car was handed over on 28 Dec 13.

This is a Business Navi (not Professional). I saw that the Navi maps are Road Map Europe MOVE 2013. At the time I got the car a newer version was already out, am I right?

So I asked for a free update, and here is BMW's answer which I got via my dealer after just 10 weeks.

I have got an answer now and it would appear that the factories only have one update each year. The updates for each Navigation system happen in April (2013-2) and October (2014) of each year which can then be updated to vehicles by each dealer. The factories then receive these updates around a month after each update is released therefore November production would likely have got this and this car is an October production vehicle."

Should I accept this? And if not, what do you experienced people suggest I do now?