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Arrow NVIDIA Tegra technology in new car models...

NVIDIA Tegra technology in new car models...

While at the Geneva Autosalon... a friend of mine (Lars W.) who works for NVIDIA showed me some of the things their company have been working on. I think the future looks promising for cars and pc's interface.

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While we are all BMW fans here... its interesting to see what other car makers are doing. Have a look at what Audi is doing...

NVIDIA Tegra technology: Breakthroughs like the first navigation system based on Google Earth and the first automotive-grade tablet for in-car use. (Audi TT-S see CNET video bellow)

Among other new vehicles in Geneva showcasing NVIDIA in-vehicle technology are the VW Golf GTi; BMW 2-series, 4-series Grande Coupé and i8; Audi S1; MINI Cooper S; Skoda Octavia; Rolls Royce Ghost II and Wraith; as well as Bentley Mulsanne and Flying Spur.

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