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Originally Posted by Year's_End
Originally Posted by Desmo85
This is horrible. First the death of naturaly aspirated 6 cylinder engines, a family van with FWD, now modular plattform concepts.....

With every further step the brand becomes more and more Volkswagen. Everything is focused on the profits and gains. What happend to "Sheer driving pleasure"?

Lets hope that this modular plattform sharing is only a bridge towards the day untill they offer FULL CARBON FIBRE chasis in every BMW.
Why don't you wait until you can actually drive the upcoming model range. A shared platform doesn't have to spell compromise. Time will tell and you can vote with your wallet.
There is no way to sugarcoat this news. It's bad for consumers and good for management/shareholders because the savings will not be returned to the consumers in any meaningful way.

There is nothing wrong with sharing platforms, but they will ONLY have two (2!) for ALL models. That is crazy.