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The long haul

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BMW has been watering down their cars for about 2 good years now so this is no big shock at all. The upcoming F80 looks promising and I love the F22 but beyond that, I'll buy an Audi for my four door or a Jaguar for a true car with personality. At this point shit I'll take a XFR-S any day over any F10 because Supercharged V8 rawness is good and the F Type is the car Jaguar flaunts for good reason, yet BMW is too nutless to do it. Don't even get me started on this i8 crap, anyone who pays 140,000+ for that car must have had a frontal lobotomy or doesn't understand what a real performance car is. If you wanna save the whales and hug trees the Tesla is superior anyway and actually offers real performance without trying to act like some kind of halo car.
End rant.