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Originally Posted by DrivenByE30
Originally Posted by x5mad View Post
How weird.

I am finding the opposite. I am 5"10 and can't get the seat low enough for my liking. At its current lowest setting I have the recommended hand width of space from top of my head to the roof. However, I would prefer to sit a bit lower.

If I adjusted the seat higher my head would most likely touch or almost touch the roof.
I am not sure which car you are referring to, since your signatures doesn't show any F30.

But i am in the same situation as you, and contrarily to everyone on this thread, i think the F30 (regular seat) dont go low enough.

So i have the opposite problem to OP.

I wish the F30 seat could go an inch lower at its lowest position.

i feel like i am driving a cross-over, even at the most down position of the seat.

I am 5ft7 and i would prefer a more sporty low down sitting position.

Somehow the lowest sitting position in the 4 series is exactly what i like!
Might have to switch car just for it

Just haven't updated my profile yet