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Smile Spotted! (F36) Alpine White 428i xDrive Gran Coupe

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Well yesterday, as I was coming out of the bar, I noticed this Alpine White BMW 4 series gran coupe from the corner of my eye sitting in the parking lot. As it's not released yet, of course I had to get a better look to verify. Turns out my suspicion was correct. It's the new 4 series gran coupe and upon closer inspection, looks like the 428i xdrive with badges covered up and dealer plate. Anyways, I snapped these quick shots with my cell phone. Enjoy!

Name:  428i-grancoupe1.jpg
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Name:  428i-grancoupe2.jpg
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Name:  428i-grancoupe3.jpg
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Name:  428i-grancoupe4.jpg
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Name:  428i-grancoupe5.jpg
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Name:  428i-grancoupe6.jpg
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Name:  428i-grancoupe7.jpg
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Name:  428i-grancoupe14.jpg
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