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Arrow Dackel's and Artemis's excellent Italian Alps adventure... the Dolomites Alps!

For the past two years some of us Euro 1Addicts have gone on a pilgrimage to Stelvio. Stelvio 1.0 and Stelvio 2.0 (you can click on my signature for those photo threads)

Some in our group have become a little bored with Stelvio plan so this year we want to tour another breath taking mountain range. But where? So Artemis(Luc) and I had last weekend free so we made a little "research" tour of the Italian Dolomites Alps region. This is the area of mountains bellow the Alps. Its like a moonscape in some areas while looking a lot like Utah in other areas. You be the judge.

Luc and I had a blast(!) - driving around the Sella Mountain range (or Sellaronda). The roads were clear of snow.... but there was still lots of permafrost on the sides of the road. Some roads were even still covered up with snow - so we had to divert to a gravel like detour road to bypass the closed section(s). All in all it was a nice weekend adventure and I am looking forward to our Euro 1Addicts later in the summer(July/August). I know it will be EPIC!!

Since Luc's family also lives near by in Trento... we also toured this area as well as the GardaSee(lake) district. WHAT a lake! Lots of tunnels and curving roads... and lots of vineyards and farms. I could not think of a better way to spend the weekend driving in Northern Italy.

Since Luc lives in Belgium we decided to meet up in Munich and then drive down the Brenner into Northern Italy. This was the beginning of the German Easter break... as we got caught up in a little bit of traffic. Once we exited the Autostrada the roads were empty. We only saw the occasional bicyclists or small car. THIS is just what we were hoping for. Empty Alpine roads to tear up and down on.

First day we drove from Munich down to Sella Passo(Dolomites), then later that day we drove to Trento. We had a really nice dinner at a local beer brewery/pub. Then the next day we drove from Trento to Gardasee(lake) area. Later that day I said good bye to Luc and his family and drove to Bozen to find a hotel for the night. Then I drove a few passes in the Bozen area: Mendel Pass and the Tonale Pass. Then I drove back North home to Bayern(Germany).


And now onto my photos....
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the toll plaza at the Brenner Europa Bridge...
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First stop for fuel in Italy... before hitting the Sella Passo...
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the first of many tunnels...
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Sella Passo...
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It is required to carry snow chains until mid April. :0
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The main road was still covered with snow! We had to detour on this gravel road...
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2240 meters high!
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