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Arrow Brazzeltag Speyer Technik Museum Pictorial

Brazzeltag - Speyer Technik Museum part of Sinsheim Museum.

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As soon as I found out about this Brazzeltag - I just knew I would HAVE to go! I recruited two of my friends and off we went. The weather was a little bit touch and go - but the day was a good one, even if we did get wet a few times.

For those of you who don't know... Speyer is home of the Sinsheim Technik Museum. They actually have a larger museum 20 minutes up the Autobahn in in Sinsheim. Think of the Speyer/Sinsheim Technik Museum's as a private version of the Smithsonian - and you will start to get the idea of how big these places are. Trains, planes, cars, rockets, Russian space shuttle... you name it - IT is here at these two museums! They are my favorite musuems in all of Germany! Open every day of the year(!) - they will not disappoint you! In fact often times I see the "werkstestwagens" from BMW/Porsche/MB/Audi in the parking lot of these museums. THAT is how cool these museums are... if even the guys testing our future German cars like coming for a visit!

Speyer is about 20 minutes South of Heidelberg and about an hour South of Frankfurt. Speyer is also quite close to Hockenheim Ring.

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some official museum pictures...
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