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Arrow Our drive through Bavaria with some BMW Classic old-timer inconic cars...

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A class act, put on by BMW Classic - a drive thru Ober Franken...

When BMW Classic rings you up and ask's IF you would like to sample some of BMW Classic's fleet of cars... and btw we will put you up in some nice hotels over a few days... How does one say no to THAT! Yep, count me in boys!

So... off I went to Nürnberg regional airport, to meetup with BMW Classic & the cars that we would be driving on our little adventure. This was gonna be some hard work!(I kid!!)

Sometimes I feel really lucky to have seen so many great things from BMW AG. This trip was one of those times. I know I am one lucky guy.

BMW AG flew out a small group of journalists, and to my surprise - all the cars were there on the tarmac, to greet us as we deboarded the plane. It was an awesome sight!

We drove North of Nürnberg, on the back roads(Bundesstraße), thru Fränkische Schweiz(also known as: Franconian Switzerland or Little Swiss as we Americans call it). The Fränkische Schweiz has some of the best driving roads in Germany. And many classic car lovers and biker's know this area well. We then drove to our hotel for the first night on the tour: The Hotel Residenzschloss in Bamberg. I know Bamberg very well... so it was like being home all over again. I highly recommend Bamberg and the Fränkische Schweiz area for anyone on ED.

Before we departed Residenzschloss, BMW took some press photos for the trip. A little tidbit... the Residenzschloss built in 1787 had been used as a hospital . But since the late 1990's it has been a four star hotel.

We were headed on our drive thru Ober Franken...

The next day we drove thru the "innen stadt" and off to our lunch break, Gersfeld (Rhön), near Fulda. In Gersfeld, we got to see some paragliding and had some great picturesque backgrounds with the flugplatz radar dome in the background of some of the photos. Next we drove to our hotel for the night in Oberfranken - a nice B&B. And then the next day we drove down to Ingolstadt. It took us most of the day driving small country back roads. So much fun. We drove thru some rain, but that didn't dampen our spirits. We stay the night in Ingolstadt at the The Classic Oldtimer Hotel. Its kind of party/catering place that also has a bunch of classic cars. It just opened to the public. late last fall - so its a good spot to stop in and look at some classic cars.

The next day we all drove down to Munich to BMW Classic's new home. And what a home it is!!

I will never forget this trip. Its just one of those great events, that come by once in a lifetime. I am just glad I got to share it with you guys.


BMW AG media fotos...

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Hotel Residenzschloss in Bamberg
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driving thru the center of Bamberg... "Lange Straße".
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