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Three letters have made legendary BMW. The abbreviation "tii" stand in the 1970s for performance and lightweight. Now the Bayern want the recipe on the 3s.

By Georg Kacher ti, tii, tilux, TI / SA: For BMWFans are the magical shortcuts. 1600ti, 2002tii, 2000tilux and for the racetrack designed TI 1800 / SA today for sure glowing eyes. Nearly four years after the production end of the last BMW 325ti, at the end of 2007 at the Tokyo Motor Show again begun, the ti-drug public about bringing - in the form of a aufgebrezelten 1er-coupe with bold stripes rally, mattschwarzer bonnet, and a martial Schwellern-tii logo in mirror writing, as then at the very first turbo 2002. The tii overarching strategy of the Dekoset vehicle to complete all sorts of demands will come relatively slowly in the corridors. The first appearance is scheduled for the spring, when BMW for 1st and 3 different performance packages.

There are carbon kits, aerodynamic parts, larger wheels and brakes, bucket seats and a sport steering wheel with built-in wreath LED tachometer. Motorised remains 1er themselves as tii unchanged. At larger 3er BMW has much more. The first makes the facelift in the summer of this year. For the current 3-coupe is also a tii package in the discussion. Because the customers in this class tend to spend more money than the 1s, major changes are not ruled out. On the wish list are stronger M3 brakes, a special 19-inch sports suspension, a double-clutch gearbox and a sharper charged three-liter turbo with around 355 hp. How exciting is the topic tii admittedly only with the successor models: • 1er new, at the end of 2011 • 3 new, early 2012 • X3 new, early 2011. What the X3 in this compilation Wikipedia? Quite simply: Also based on X-be it an offshoot tii. This would correspond to the abbreviation tii-S variants of Audi (Q5 S), and the AMG-Mercedes vehicles (ML and GLK). When a BMW sales man to be believed, then the offer will tii between the M-Sport package and the pure M-positioned