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Originally Posted by blipblip View Post
Interesting logic, the faster a car manufacturer releases new model means the better it is?

yes..I dont see the point of waiting too much

X7 = elongated X5 = BS?

X5 is not BS , I just dont see the point of having two same suv's , do ML and GL look the same?

Q7 = elongated Touareg = Porsche Cayenne = Golden? lol

I dont see nothig wrong with Touareg and Cayenne , no not golden but silver close , I think ur jealous , look at this by the way

By the way:
A3 = GTI = Rabbit = Jetta = TT = Scirocco = Tiguan = (go on and on...)
yeah so?

A4 = Passat = Some Seat

same platform and btw seat has nothing to do with audi , seat is bullshit compared to audi ,

Just in case you don't know.
I dont know nothing obviously....

oh and scotty man ur serious but thanks for explaining.. but I was joking ..u know that dont u?
thats a huge bitch