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As with everyone else get rid of RFT's

That is 90% of the roughness especially on the ZSP. Yes the suspension is tight but I swapped out the tires and its a million times better.

Leave the gauges the way they are if I wanted a Lexus I would get one, I have had cars with luminescent gauges and I really don't like them especially at night.

I would really like an LSD but only make it for the upper model (335) with the sport package. Many people cannot handle an LSD it completely changes the driving dynamic of a car and I can see the stability programs working overtime with inexperienced drivers.

OEM alarm should be standard I mean its going to be 2009 already its hardly a luxury item.

DCT to at least the 335 level it would be nice on all cars.

I havent played with the new Idrive yet, I know its greatly improved over the old one but please fix the POI, if it has been on the new one I will take that off.

I can deal with the electronic dipstick but I would like my temp gauge back.

Other then that I am really happy with the 330, I think it addressed a lot of things I wanted fixed with my E46.