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GO BACK TO YOUR ROOTS! Car should not be over 3000 lbs. (I would be perfectly happy with manually-operated windows, seats, radios,and HVAC.) Quit trying to impress with expensive and largely useless technology for technology's sake. Ditch the cupholders! No serious driver needs or wants them. To add to the chorus, get rid of the run-flats -- PLEASE! Do we really need staggered-sized tires? Bump the horsepower up by 30. Give us back our dipstick! Don't hide that beautiful engine under an ugly plastic cover. Don't be so secretive and proprietary about maintenance and repair info. Make a repair manual readily available. The radio is terrible. The sound leaves a lot to be desired and adjustment is far too counterintuitive. Keep it simple with a good Alpine or Sony unit. We also NEED a limited slip differential. Yes, we do! And what about those colors? With other manufacturers offering seemingly all the shades of the rainbow, BMW's are really boring. What would you like? Black, white or gray? BMW's reds are just plain ugly. Why not a gorgeous candy-apple similar to Acura and Corvette? Or how about bringing back Baikal Blue (my all-time favorite color)? The list goes on .... On the plus side, keep the sport seats, the sports suspension, that lovely straight six, and, of course, the manual transmission.