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Originally Posted by adc View Post
Well it so happens that you cannot order the smoker-delete package in the US when ordering the car. Most US customers don't even know it's possible to do it afterwards. And that is precisely what the other poster meant - since so few people now smoke in the US (compared to 20 years ago or even today's Europe) - then BMW should offer the option for the smoker-delete. Which gives him the shades tray that he wants.

Simple no?

And without your horribly delicious invention we would have longer lives no doubt.
well, you CAN delete the ashtray in the US, right ? Even if it's not a factory option ? Then I don't see a problem...the reason they don't offer a shades tray is because it rains here most of the time so we don't need them

Well, a strong will and character are the key to a longer life...but I have a feeling that the meat and sauces + this 1 liter of diet coke contribute to the shorter and fattier life too