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They aren't without faults though. They generally are not off-leash dogs and they are escape artists. My dog escaped while we weren't home and it took the dog catcher over an hour to catch her. We were really lucky she didn't get hit by a car (I've read that's one of the most often ways Shibas die). We also had to buy a gate that goes in front of our main door just for safety. We've trained her to stay when we open the door, but if we have guests or just happen to not pay attention, she will bolt out the door and it takes forever to try and catch her.

Of course they can be trained, but by nature they aren't the type of dogs that just want to please their owners like labs so it takes a lot of work. However training them to do simple things like sit, down, and tricks are really easy if there's a motive. They are extremely smart, but in that sneaky selfish way. My dog can open all the doors in the house. She can even open her own crate from the outside if we put food in it and lock it.

lol... reminds me of the time me and my bro were at my dads house, my bro was eating a sausage mcmuffin or something. our shiba, Libby, was just sitting at his feet waiting for scraps (as most dogs do) but my brother kept talking (with his hands) while holding the mcmuffin and she just kept her eyes on it the whole time until finally (after he'd maybe taken 3 bites of it) she just lept in the air and snatched it right out of his hand about 3 1/2 feet off the ground and ran away to devour her catch. they are amazingly smart and agile animals. when we got her, the breeder recommended a 6 ft fence cuz they can jump so high.