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Originally Posted by NaTuReB0Y View Post
I hate dogs............

Especially when people take them for a walk to poop in other people's front yard......

I stared this lady down last Saturday......and when she saw that I wasn't looking.......

Her dog let it ripped on the side of someone's concrete block wall........SICK!

Did she pick that shit up.............NOPE!
Misguided Anger? ....You should hate people who don't clean up after their dogs. Dogs still have to crap somewhere!

Originally Posted by Saigon View Post
my german shepeard cannot behave, she goes crazy everytime we let her out. We keep it out as a guard dog but can't spend time w it because it's too wild. any ideas how to calm her down? she jumps on us everytime she sees us.
She is a DOG! ...what do you expect. She needs some professional training to help her calm down. Pay a trainer to work with her for a few sessions. They are worth it.

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