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keep the car the same size lose some weight though (i hate how cars keep getting bigger, the new accord is monstrous).

improve the 6MT (honda could show you a few tricks)

DCT instead of step

how about non-constant dual zone climate control(theres usually only 1 person in the car)

an off button for the climate control

keep the price low youre losing customers that are going to acuras and infinitis because of all the stuff they include standard (Ipod control, comfort access, premium sound) all standard on the cheaper japanese cars and cost way to much on BMWs


Alarm system

all nav systems available as oem can learn a thing or 2 from garmin as far as graphics display and poi and HMI

better scratch resistant harder paint(scratches way to easily)

be less anti mod or service(you cant change a f-ing light biulb without throwing a code)

im sure ill think of more