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after reading some of the comments, to clear up some stuff, this is what BMW does with their test cars.... the round tail lights are standard camo and won't be the final lights, same goes for the front (most likely for this model it'll be the L shape for the rear and somewhat similar lights as the 5 and 7 in the front). the body paneling is plastic, added on, which somewhat increases the bulkiness and doesn't show the true molding and design creases of the final model (as time goes you'll eventually see it being slowly stripped to just camo tape and then right before release usually a couple models will be captured with just the BMW emblems covered). the reflector tape, like was previously stated, is also just part of the testing and won't be production. one of the photos is a close up of the rear and shows somewhat aggressive and flared wheel arches... those are body molding panels and the actual car will be narrower and more sculpted than what is pictured.

the only things i think you can take away from these photos are the overall shape of the car and proportions. the position of the wheels. brakes. one model will have the dual tailpipes.

now my personal opinions about the car.... it will look good! it'll be the same design language as the new 5 and 7 (i think that's obvious tho). the mirrors i think look fine, they could be smaller but i don't think they're as ugly as some ppl say. i have a feeling this model will be lighter and yet slightly bigger than the current E9x, giving more interior room. and like stated in the post, it'll have a lot of new exciting technology. new manufacturing processes will be especially present in this model, taking advantage of the new press forming technology to create strong and lightweight materials instead of using expensive exotic materials. interior quality will improve. it will now become apparent that BMW is focusing on building greener, lighter and more efficient vehicles with this new 3 series as well as the upcoming 1 series being the showcase vehicles. it's well known that there is a range of new, efficient engines that will be added to the 3 and 1 series.

someone also mentioned that the E46 was 7-8 years and remarked that they thought the E9x life span was too short. the E46 was actually 6 years, 1999 to 2005, the E9x life span is 2006-2012, which is also 6 years.

EDIT: im hearing rumors in this post as well from other ppl that they're pushing out the F30 a year earlier because of the new competitions models. don't know for sure but i wouldn't be surprised. i just hope they really put the needed time into making this model well and not rush an early release with problems. that would be very bad. that new C class is a very nice and appealing car. and the new E class is as well, however with the new 5 coming out, i think that E is definitely gonna get a run for it's money!