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2013 F30 3-Series Body Profile/Proportion Illustrated vs E90 / E46

There were mixed opinions on latest F30 spy shot in terms of size, style and proportion due to cladding and camouflage tapes. As curious as any BMW enthusiast, I traced through the spy shot and wanted to analyze the next 3ers profile and proportion compare to E46 and E90. To my surprise, F30 profile and proportion looked quite sleek and balanced from the initial phase of spy shot. Based on the recently announced F10 5-Series, we may infer some of the design language that might be incorporated in the upcoming F30.

Some observations based on the trace:

1. Shorter overhangs (Shorter than previous generation 3er)
2. Longer wheelbase (Estimate 1.5+ longer than previous generation 3er)
3. Hofmeister kink followed by near straight rear door cutline which nicely curved around rear wheel well
4. Forward pushing nose similar to E89 Z4 front end
5. Similar hood profile as E89 Z4
6. Minimal downward slope on rear quarter panel following the C-pillar

With longer wheelbase, F30 looks longer than previous generation 3er. It also provides more legroom both front and rear judging from the door cutline. Although there are still missing details such as body panel creases, headlight and taillight shape from this phase of spy shot, the overall profile and proportion looked rather impressive. Id expect F30 profile and proportion to surpass our expectation.

Side profile trace from the spy shot and comparison between F30, E90 and E46:

Here is another trace based on a better angle straight-on side view from one of the F30 video. The first spy shot had partial skewed from camera perspective. Instead of tracing camo lights, I applied design cues from F01 and F10. The final design is yet to be seen.

Based on tire diameter scaling on side view profile of the video shot.

Estimate dimension of F30: (+/- 0.6% (0.006) margin of error)

Height: 55.8"
Length: 178.7"
Wheelbase: 110.2"
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