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The latest AutoBild impression of the F30 3-series

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Here is the latest artistic impression of the F30 from Germany's AutoBild magazine. As you can see this impression is highly BMW CS Concept car influenced.

After looking at these pictures, Scott26 had this to say:

That broken rear shoulder line actually has it's roots in BMW history too most recently it was revived on the CS Concept Car.
it is coming to the 6er as it will on the 3er Coupe.
The 3er Coupe is likely to inherit the next direction taken with the 6er and offer two different models , one with a refined luxury GT concept the other with a more enthusiasts aimed concept.

Truth be told when you finally the 6er you will see a lot of the CS in the design especially in the outline and the rear.
The next 3er Coupe seen here is an early design not final because we will get different interpretations from Autobild of this car onwards and upwards to the launch stages when things become a bit more clearer.

But the 3er Coupe (F32) will follow the successful formula of the (E92) and that is to have the bloodline but seperate it so it does not continue as a 2dr sedan. This has actually been very successful for BMW so take a bow Chris for pushing that solution.

The interpretation here of the 3er looks fine in profile , however the rear resorts to that flick and swoop bootlid of the E46 when you put it at the same angle as this interpretation. The BMW thinking between kidney grilles equal like a "russian doll" philosophy. One size gradually getting smaller to the end. Here it looks like a 5er grille , The 3er will be a few inches condensed to seperate it from the 5er.

The V-Shape that incorporates the kidney grille and headlight shapes show simularities but with the outer edges of the headlights being different. The vehicle that will really open the floodgates to multiple 3er interpretations will be the next X3. As they deliberately share the same bloodline and cues but will be interpreted differently for the sedan etc.