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Originally Posted by bdardashti View Post
I've read most of the posts on this thread; I agree with most, if not almost all.

Just a few things though: I'm not saying we shouldn't voice our opinion, but take into account that BMW is not designing this car for its enthusiast customers. It's unfortunate, but true. From a business standpoint, they can't try to stick to heritage and a few fans and forget their relevance to the bigger picture (full customer base).

A few things that have come up countless times that I would love to see, but am almost certain won't happen:

They are going to the 8-speed auto, so DCT will 99% chance not happen.

- Same size
The car is going to be bigger, maybe marginally, but it will be bigger - it has happened with every predecessor generation, no reason why it won't happen to this one. The general consumer (especially North American, thinks bigger = better = better value), so it will gain a little bit of size here and there to give more interior room, trunk space, etc)

- Lighter
If it's slightly bigger, it's reasonable to expect to weigh the same or SLIGHTLY less, but nothing significant like 200lbs.

- Cloth seats
Could happen if they do a "performance" line, but it won't be a generally available/standard option because in the eye of general consumer, leather = luxury, and BMW stands for luxury, so it must have it.

- RFT delete
Again, general public thinks apart from the cost, RFTs are good because they are safer. At least that's what BMW gets them to believe, and most buy it. I don't disagree, they are safer, but you pay a big price (not just financially) for that slight increase in safety.
Leather = luxury, maybe, but plastic = cheap. Good fabric would be a lot more luxurious than plastic - and wouldn't need seat heatrers. Better seats, less weight and less cost!