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Originally Posted by NYCGarbagePrince View Post
Why is no one commenting on this lil tid bit of information.... So you are telling me they have figured out a way of pumping 450 HP from a 3.0 L I6? And they are putting it in the M3... Why wouldn't they use the engine from the X6m? I would assume weight is the big issue but damn they are going to have to build a bullet proof I6 to push that kinda HP. Reliably that is. I mean we all know it can happen with the current N54, but what we do to our cars and what a company would produce for world wide use is a whole different story.
It's no biggie, gtr's and porsche turbo's have 500 hp from 3.6-3.8 liters. If it's with direct injection and twin twin scroll turbo's this isn't a stretch nowadays. Porsche and gtr engine's have been proven reliable up to 700hp as well over the years. The new 3.8 liter 911 turbo s model will have 530hp and the new gt2rs will have 620hp from a 3.8 liter. And for M models, they can spend the money for this.