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According to my German customers. All BMW's made in the US are crap.. so stay away from US products. Both my customer's drive a X5 and basically it is always in the shop for repairs. (with this statement i am sure many people on this forum will be offended) but it shows that people put things out of proportion, i am sure the X5's assembled in the US aren't all shitty, maybe they got a lemon.

Having said that.. I own a BMW in China, and it drives great! My BMW is imported from Munich, Germany. Buying a Chinese assembled BMW doesn't worry me, it is the fact that they source a shizload of the products from suppliers in China (these are not the same suppliers of components used in the US or Germany or even Africa) New suppliers, slightly different components. Same Price. No thank you.

In China, all Audi's are L versions, so are all the 5 series in China. It's pretty lame as parking spots are pretty tight here. I guess that is why people have drivers here, but what is the point of buying BMW if you aren't gonna drive it??

The 5 series L looks like a damn boat. The audi A4L looks longer than a standard A6. It is not a pleasant sight.