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Just watched the rest of the Q&A with Sonnen. Sonnen is a douche: and also

This guy knows what he is talking about:
Sonnen should stick to politics. His skills at making idiots laugh are more suited for that profession. Consider this quote; “he [Silva] doesn’t come from a bowing culture, bow in Brazil, and they hit you over the head and take your whallet” –If Sonnen was smart enough he would already know that crime rates in Rio de Janero are lower that those in Chicago (although I doubt Sonnen could muster enough intelegence to research anything). Stupid quips aside, Sonnen is a complete racist–(coincidentaly(?) not uncommon in the Republican party).

Sonnen displays in this comedy a breathtaking ignorance of global culture; he clearly thinks that Silva’s native toungue is Spanish (Portugese is spoken in Brazil, not spanish).

Not only is Sonnen making a fool out if himself in this pre-fight crowd pleasing, the humiliation will be doubly dealt when Silva knocks him the f*ck out. Sonnen can’t stop mentioning that he believes that Silva hasn’t fought many worthy advarsaries, and this is, presumably, where Sonnen will come in. I wonder if Sonnen has ever looked has Silva’s MMA record (seriously). Out of thirty matches, Silva has four losses; the first was his first MMA fight, the second was a legit loss on all counts, the third was a totally unusual and likely-never-to-happen-again “flying scissor heel hook” by a Japenese fighter who was getting his ass horribly kicked before he landed his lucky annomaly, and the fourth was a disqualification when Silva kicked his opponent (who was on his knees) when he was on his back. So, if we are to be honest about Silva’s record, it’s utterly good, with only a couple serious defeats (the last one occuring in 2006). Sonnen, on the contrary, has lost ten out of twenty-four fights; two of which, where by opponents (Maia and Griffin) that got completely wasted by Silva. The only fighter that Sonnen won but Silva lost is Yushin Okami. This is the fighter that Silva lost to by disqualification, and before he was disqualified, he was walking the floor with Okami (watch the video online, Okami had no chance). By all counts Silva’s MMA reccord dwarfs Sonnen’s. Those who think otherwise are apparently incapable of accessing Wikipedia.

Sonnen has demonstrated his ability to make people laugh. But on August 7, they will be laughing for an altogether different reason.