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Originally Posted by Mars797 View Post
I don't think this is the 1 series interior. The speedometer/tachometer silver frame seems to be a complete circle to include the bottom. The 1 series bottom of the the speedometer/tachometer silver frame is bottomed flat. I think you're looking at the new 3 series interior...
I agree - the convexity of the curve on the vents is greater than that which I see in my 1 series every day. Also there is a good bit of space between those giant vents and the instrument cluster - the 1 series doesn't have space there to put an "eject" button! Maybe the space below the airvent is straight from a 1, but more likely just similar styling/layout.

Having both a 1 and a 3, I prefer the less-upright layout of the 1. Glad to see it is making its way into the new 3!