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Originally Posted by OC 335i View Post
Yeah, undefeated (other than DQ) in his whole career and went thru Pride GPs taking no prisoners. Really overrated.

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I'm pretty sure the loss against Verdum doesn't mean he is undefeated anymore. A loss is a loss. Everyone is undefeated if you make exceptions to a a fight or too

I only said Fedor was overrated because many people say he is number 1 pound for pound in the world today. I don't think he is number 1 in the HW division.

Look at who Fedor has fought in the past 5 years. I think he needs to fight the top 5 guys to claim that title and he has avoided a few big fights for a while. Brett Rogers was a good opponent and imho Overeem would have been a big test for him. Shame we won't see it because he lost that fight.

Fedor and Overeem would be awesome in the UFC, the HW division would be completely stacked with them.