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Originally Posted by LaLakers91tc View Post
I consider myself an enthusiast and can barely see a difference between this and the 5
Thanks for the feedback.

Here's a comparison between the F30 vs F10.

Headlight design, area surrounding the headlight, kidney grills, bumper especially the lower part is totally different from the F10 5er.

Take note of the upper character line of the F30 has a more aggressive rake compared to the relatively horizontal angle of the F10 character line. It also features a "hook" towards the front of it before it meets the side markers.

The shape of the F30 tailights are different than the F10 as well as the lic. plate surrounds area. The F30 also has a more defined lower indented character line compared to the F10 which is barely there.

The rear probably has more similarities to the F10 but the front end I thought looks a bit more different.

But it is just a speculative rendering and we'll have to wait to see how close or how far off my work is.

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