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Originally Posted by SCOTT26 View Post
It is a typical BMW look for a sports sedan. In the case of the 3er it is an evolutionary jump from the E90. The main face and rear are considerably more sharper than the F10 5 series the lighting units that continue the L shape to the bootlid are a different shape than the 5er and the rear light wraps more around the car. In terms of surface the 3er allows more sculpture
along the bottom half to connect with the steep gradient of the character line. If you compare the 3er , 5er and 7er there are still noticeable differences that keeps the cars seperate in their identities.
The "chiseled" look of the E30 makes it more sporty, I think when F25 is unveiled the new shape of the lights will be more understandable. The use of the wind tunnel has been very influential in the F30 shape and it shows. I just hope the rear has some more complex angles, possibly within the plastic of the light shape to give on lookers something special to stare at.

Jon- great render as usual, and "Scott" thanks for the valuable insight.