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Lesnar v Carwin was the most ancticipated fight of the year for me. I wasn't too excited about the card, mainly TUF fighters and Wanderlei dropped out but I was thoroughly impressed with all of the fights. Bonnar showed great heart, that guy never gives up. Leben impressed me again backing up after 2 weeks and he's likely to face Wanderlei next. I don't think he has a chance but he is definitely improving as a fighter.

The Lesnar v Carwin fight was crazy. I expected Lesnar to shoot for the takedown earlier but Carwin's hands were too much for him. He took that ground and pound like noone else. I'm glad the ref didn't call the fight off because it looked like Carwin had him. The craziest part was Brock seemed fine at the start of 2nd round. He's proved to everyone that he has an iron chin and he's worthy of having the title after only 6 MMA fights. I think after the fight it was pretty clear both fighters had respect for each other. I still think Carwin is the #2 guy in the HW though and possibly the #1 on another day. Velasquez didn't look to excited about his upcoming title shot though lol