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Originally Posted by twoturboz View Post
Where I trained wasn't "commercialized" aka a franchise. Once I hit BB we would do cycles for a month at a time. Month of Muai(sp?) Thai month of BJJ, month of boxing. We'd get Gi's during BJJ and start on our knees with a partner and just have at it until one of us submitted. When doing boxing we'd always do body shots and face and balls were obviously off limits.

Way more awesome than a typical dojo. And sometimes we'd play with one handed broad swords and learn some moves, I mean I'm not quite sure when I'll ever be in a combat situation with a sword but hey, I'm prepared. And I can kick ass with a Bo-Staff
You were what, 13? training simultaneously in:
1) Tae Kwon Do
2) BJJ
3) Boxing
4) Muay Thai
5) Bo
6) Broad Sword

And you mastered/absorbed.......................................... ..................?


I've been training consistantly (that means without interuption) for almost 25 years (hence my name) and started in my teens. I've also seen/taught shitloads of kids like you, year-in & year-out. I'm not impressed.
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