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Thanks, Ashu. Now post something! Go Blue (lowest score wins...) Maybe this will help spur creativity amongst us or help someone learn something new.

Sheesh......okay, just dug up one old photo and just ran thru another real quick. This ins't much since nothing fancy was done, but it's better than nothing.

Michigan Ave during X-mas time a couple years back. I think this was one of the few shots I used my 18-55mm for before I sold it. Basically, made it mostly B&W but left color in the ribbon on the weath. I tried to make it a bit drag, though.



Taken walking to the Big House for the UMich/WI game a few weeks back. I liked the graffiti so, after the game, I grabbed my dSLR from the car (it wasn't allowed in stadium) and snapped this. Post-processing was basically color correction and I tried to make the light transition under the bridge a little bit more make it look more like a tunnel entrance. I like it, but the gf was not impressed. Then again, she's wearing a MSU shirt right now...