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Originally Posted by N55 View Post
Please Read Very Interesting (If you have time)

I bought a CPO Loaner 08 335xi AW Premium, iDrive, Cold, packages from Bobby Rahal BMW. I bought it with 14,051 miles on 06/30/09
Below is all the repairs that it went through:

08/04/09 Horn Does Not Sound (Never Has) Also Left Passenger Seat Belt Tensioner Malfunction.
Conclusion, All malfunctioned parts replaced

11/19/09 Airbag Malfunction, Adaptive headlight Malfunction
Conclusion, All Malfunctioned Parts Replaced

2/6/10 HPFP
Conclusion, Replaced

3/17/10 CEL ON (Multiple Drivability Faults, Misfires, Low Fuel Pressure)
Conclusion: Replacement of Low Pressure Fuel Sensor

3/23/10 CEL ON(Fuel Injectors and Spark PLugs)
Conclusion: Parts replaced

4/15/10 Adaptive Headlight Malfunction
Conclusion: Headlight Replaced

6/01/10 CEL ON (Faults in Cats Bank1 & Bank 2)
Conclusion: New Cat, Bolts, Gaskets

06/29/10 Left Tail Light Malfunction (Bulb is good)
Conclusion: Replaced all bulbs anyways and cleared codes

07/13/10 Both Rear Tail Light Malfunction (Bulbs Good)
Conclusion: Bulb Carriers Replaced

Finally 08/14/10 we make a deal with BMW NA to get me in a different car. They offered $5000 on top of trade in value. Trade in was $27,000 with 30,000mi plus $5000 is $32,000. I paid $37,000. They would not do a buy back because I am not the first owner, which I said BS because dealer owned it before! GRRR! Anyways the dealer is 45 minutes away and with all those repairs gas becomes expensive, also I am 18 so my mom has to go with me to get the loaner car while I drive her car for the time being. Which my mom is not too thrilled about because he has to take time off her business to come with me to get the loaner. Also depreciation from all the miles driven to get to the dealer. Anyways I ended up trading for 2011 335xi Sedan fully loaded for $55,500

I asked the salesman do you have these problems with all these loaners? he replied that in the area that they are in and their customers are all professionals and simply do not have the time to beat on the car. I said hahahah OK, SURRREE.

In conclusion I will NEVER buy a LOANER car EVER again even if it was CPO. Too much wasted time and gas. (well in my case anyways)

Thats a bad experience but I cant see anything in that list that says "abused car". Could have happended to any car in my book.
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