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Originally Posted by Hasek9339 View Post
I am afraid that we will see the 3er come the way of the new VW and the VW Passat! The Passat is being built in Chattanooga Tenn. and the new design looks very watered down compared to the Euro version!

If the F30 is built in SC hopefully they will not water the product down or Americanize it!
Well that would be a REAL PROBLEM!!! If they made a special cheap US version, that would be a SERIOUS PROBLEM!!! Hope not, no PRAY they not to so, because you are lost so...
The Euro Passat has now real high class quality, feeling, toys...and price.
Let's take my target - Passat 2.0 TDI Highline 4motion + DSG 170 PS, with all the toys included - Adaptive Bi-Xenon with LED DRL's, Adaptive Cruise Control with auto emergency brake, Heated + Cooled Seats, Auto Parking, Rear Camera, Navi, Dynaudio Sound etc. Costs in Bulgaria 105 000 BGN which is 53 000 Euro or 72 500$ with all the VAT+Taxes.
The top end US Spec Passat is rumored to be 37-40k$ but missing a lot of the toys and probably the quality of the leather etc.
But hope that BMW would never do this, that would be suicide for me...
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