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If BMW appreciates the USA so much, why don't they fix their euro-spec spedometers when they sell a car in the US?

It's my understanding that in the EU (pronounced euwwwww ; )) speedos must read 5% fast. That's exactly what my BMW's does from new (2008 328xi). My vette and subie are within 1mph at 60-80 of GPS.

I thought it was a quality issue until I realized, it was just BMW being lazy and not correcting their speedos outside of the EEUUUWWWWWW.

As for German engineering - see all the threads here about valve lifters and HPFP... Cars are cars, and companies are companies. You generally get what you pay for. The E90 seems to be seriously over-engineered in stupid driver interface and gadgetry areas, and lacking basic solid design in the nuts and bolts. It's a very nice driving car, but seriously, no oil dip stick? Sticking HVL? Failing HPFP? Reverse so close to 1st you just have to drop the clutch and see? AUTOMATIC WINDSHIELD WIPERS BUT NO WATER TEMP GAUGE??? BMW, where have you gone?