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Noticing that some of you are running around with obscene ideas.

Rumor control. Bearing an actual confirmation that the 3er will be manufactured in the US.

1. If 3er Production does arrive in the USA. Then it will be only to serve the US and surrounding markets only. Official production for the 3er will remain in Germany. If the US does get the go ahead for 3er production then it will join countries such as South Africa , India , China and Malaysia in satisfying production for those regions. The home of the BMW 3er is and will be Germany.

2. BMW will not and do not have the necessary budget to develop two different models for two different markets. The China made F30 will get a LWB version , like it's 5er brother but BMW's new architecture makes it easy to do so. BMW will not have a 3er like VW have the Passat. The 3er will remain the F30 3er in all markets. There is no plans to make the 3er in the guise of the Passat by making it accessible to more by extensive cost-cutting.
BMW is a premium brand. VW, no matter how mutch they state they are , are not.

3. The state of the Touring is thus... The 5er Touring was pulled within the US market because the car was not selling, customers went for the X5 or other type of crossovers instead. The 3er Touring is in the same position that BMW have to make the entrepenurial decision regarding it's future in the US and so far it has no future. It is appreciative to know that the Touring has some supporters but not enough to support within the market.
I should point out that competitors who have remained or entered this segment are experiencing similar response to the Touring in regards to sales, especially when they have a similiar sized crossover/SUV in the same segment.
Step 1.