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I don't care what anyone says, but not much in the same price range can match the handling of a BMW... for car enthusiasts anyway. Then you're talking porsche, jag, etc

For your average joe who wants to get from point A to point B with 300hp under the hood, a BMW is just an overpriced toy when they can get something like a Genesis for cheaper. And I don't blame them... I would do the same.

For me, 10 years after it was was built, I still get massive amounts of pleasure driving my E46 330Ci with almost 200K km on the clock. I have not once, ever, driven a modern asian automobile (Mitsu, Acura, Lexus, etc) and been able to come remotely close to the handling and drive quality of my 10 year old car.... and my E90 is just as pleasant to drive, if not more refined than the E46.

I simply don't understand reviews that bring a car like the Genesis on par with a 3-series (335). I've tried the Genesis. It handles like butter. It handles like most other Asian cars.

I even drove my friend's fully loaded C300 the other day and the handling felt like butter, it sucked... and my friend thought his hair was going to catch fire when he pushed my E90 through corners he would never have tried with his merc. He said the driving experience was like having the car on rails.