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Originally Posted by MikeTerp View Post
Frankly, I think Hyundai will likely have a better everything in ten years. This company is smoking. They aren't there yet, but they have made gigantic strides in a short time. I think the ONE thing that they will have to do is come up with another name, similar to what Toyota did with Lexus. Hyundai is too entrenched in most casual people's minds as an economy car company to easily make the jump to luxury or sport with this marque. Keep the Elantra, Sonata, etc as Hyundai (see Corolla, Camry, etc) and move the Genesis, Equus, etc to some new luxo brand name.
I am impressed with what they have done. I am a Bimmerphile all the way, but you would have to have just arrived from Mars not to take note of Hyundai the past few years.

I was also at the Hyundai showroom today looking at an Equus, what a phenomenal car! Their other models look really good too.