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Originally Posted by OdomPHD View Post
I would at very least consider it. But my experience with BMW has been so satisfactory in terms of performance and reliability (it's German afterall) that swapping to a brand that doesn't hail from Bavaria would take a whole lotta convincing. Frankly, unless BMW goes downhill (as current F models indicate a trend towards) then I don't see a single reason to shift to another German brand either.

But a nice 35-45k (USD) Jag does sound appealing.
I've had two extensive test drives in the XF and whilst, in many respects, I think it's a very good car, it doesn't match the F10 in terms of performance, handling and ride quality. Then there's the interior - ok if you like blue lights and lots of cheap looking bling, but the BMW is a masterclass in quality and understated elegance.