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Originally Posted by GTFan712 View Post
I'd like to see this hit production, partly because I want to see a F36 chassis, but I have a feeling this would draw sales from the F30 sedan, and BMW wouldn't want that.

I could see a mid-to-large-size 4-door Coupe coming to compete with the CLS or A7, unless BMW is trying to establish a class of a smaller 4-door Coupe.
Well there already is a 6 series sedan that will be made in the next couple of years.

This could draw sales from the regular 3 series Sedan BUT will probably be priced about $4K higher (have more standard features) and it will probalby have more options normally only found in the 5 series like nappa leather option, night vision, and they will probably charge 5 series prices for options (like $1000 for comfort access instead of charging $500 like in the 3 series now).

So they may take away from their 3 series sedan sales but will make more $$$ in the process.