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Originally Posted by antzcrashing View Post
there is probably going to be a 2 series. I think BMW is just trying to accomplish every number from 1 to 7.

But I do like the looks of the rendering
oh yeah now I remember, rumor is already there of a 1 series sedan and coupe, FWD though which is why they are going to use the 2 series for the RWD Coupe... Maybe the 3 series sedan will be FWD as well and thats why they are making a 4 series sedan to offer RWD and be the sport version.

hmmm, maybe they should have made the 6 series coupe the 8 series, but then there would be no number for an actual 2 door coupe priced above the 7 series sedan,

So its going to be an every number from 1-8 by 2015 as the goal! Audi will follow, oh wait have they already acheived that? I can never be sure because in the US we don't get all their products