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By all means there is no definite answer to how it can progress , all you see is actually the aspects of discussions and it is something I did mention here previously in regards to a 3er Gran Coupe.

The name is not fully compliant yet, in regards to the 6er Gran Coupe that remains a 6er and we still have not decided on the 1er/2er yet.

The idea is that a car can be born on an existing platform like introducing a Gran Coupe of the 6er, a car that actually happened by chance when the designer added extra doors to his sketch of a Coupe.

There was a sense of potential and more importantly a cost-effective opportunity to enter the mid-line Coupe Sedan segment or the CLS Segment as it is known as. Well the 3er Coupe is on a similar stage to which again nothing is final because they have ,again designed a very beautiful car, again from the ideas of the E92 it stands out from the sedan and gives it a very unique identity, just what you would expect from the designer who has penned it.

If you look at the Vision Connected Drive from the rear of the car and the side, especially at that line that runs diagonally across the body from the rear deck that is something you will see with the new car. So once again they have added "extra doors" and they are looking at it.

But it gets interesting for the 1er Gran Coupe which again is moving through the design stages with no confirmation for production.
That has been designed as a stand alone concept sharing no visual appearance with either the 1er Sporthatch or Coupe.

It's all made possible by BMW investing in modular structures that will allow several model to spun off one platform which can use the modular function to shorten , lengthen and widen for a range of models.
To break down the platform philosophy it is like Mecanno or Lego. You start with base and build and add , add and subtract.

Another point is that having the car based off the 3er matrix it is again positioned within the Premium Entry class.
Which is one of the main segments that will see more growth within this decade. Having an entire range of models is not only the wish of BMW but everyone has realigned their focus to include an expansion of models for the important segments.

Market demands for more downsized luxury cars are going to continue , BMW have realised this and now Mercedes-Benz and Audi are moving to develop expansive models from the A/C-Klasse and the A3/A4 respectively.

Within the UKL, Premium Compact and Premium Entry Class you will see a full range of automobiles covering every segment from several premium manufacturers.

If the approval for a 3er Gran Coupe goes ahead then you get your M3 Sedan replacement.
Step 1.