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Originally Posted by SCOTT26 View Post
If the approval for a 3er Gran Coupe goes ahead then you get your M3 Sedan replacement.
Thanks for the input, I for one have never had an issue with all these models, I think more choices is better for all consumers, its only the hard core purists that complain everytime something other than the basics from the 80s and 90s is revealed.

I believe you are 100% correct on the move to smaller luxury/sport cars all over the world. But they need to offer the nicer options in these cars as well, why not offer something like Nappa leather in the 3 series, if people want the smaller car but all the luxuries of the 5 series and will pay for it, don't make them go up to the 5 series for that! Also if people want smaller cars again, why does every generation of cars get bigger? Its funny to see an old X5 on the road or a 5 series from the 90s because it looks like the size of a modern 3 series.

I really love the size of my C63, its not as small as I would like for sport driving (in the past I have owned a Z3M and Z4M) but now that I have kids and once in a while need to put them in my car this works perfectly. To this point I was really dissapointed when I heard there will probably not be another M3 Sedan in the future, as I wanted to make the move back to BMW as I like the handling better than the Merc and Audi just never competes in the same price range (RS).

I would be 100% okay with a M3GT or M4 though. M5 being $30K+ more than the M3 is just way out of my price range and if there is no M3 Sedan, I guess I won't be buying a BMW until my kids are older