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Originally Posted by mapezzul View Post
Umm hate to tell you the 5 GT sold very well (and with xDrive even more so) it sold more units in 4 months than the e60 5 wagon did for any year when it was only offered in RWD with a v8.
Really? Then why have i seen maybe 2 in California since its introduction? Why are there massive discounts on the vehicles? Why does my dealer, as well as several others in the area, have several of these on their lots unsold for almost a year?

This thing might be a hit in Europe....although i haven't seen any numbers to prove that. However, in the US, this thing is a dud. Needing to compare it to the sales of the 5 series wagon pretty much proves that point.

In any case, I hope they have more success with the 3GT. They probably will since it will be cheaper than the 5GT and the popularity of the 3 series in general will help it. However, i still think the car is unnecessary in the US.