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Originally Posted by captainaudio View Post
Nobody is going to buy a Toyota luxury car instead of a Cadillac"
General Motors 1992

Hyundai learned from Lexus and Toyota. Lexus did not attempt to take customers from Cadillac. They saw that every year the average age of a Cadillac buyer increased by one year and that if that trend continued in 25 years the average age of a Cadillac buyer would be dead. Lexus also saw that the hard core Cadillac fans could not accept that the brand had gone seriously downhill and was building some very medioce (at best) products. Lexus was primarily marketing to younger buyers who were just entering the luxury car market. Lexus' core market was 40 to 50 year olds who bought a Corolla when they were 20, a Celica when they were 25 and a Camry when they were 35. They grew up with the brand and were loyal to it.

Hyundai is not attemting to convert any BMW or Mercedes owners. Hyundai is not marketing to the hard core BMW fans. They are looking to the future the same way Lexus did in 1992. If Hyundai continues in the direction that they are going in today, in a few years when young buyers who today are just entering the new car market are ready to move up market they will be seriously considering Hyundai products and will see no stigma attached to the brand. These future buyers may be saying "My Father used to think BMWs were great. He had a 2008 335i and the thing was in the shop all the time. He had to have 13 high pressure fuel pumps replaced and it had these horrible run flat tires that used to get destroyed every time he hit a pothole"

Lexus blindsided BMW and Mercedes in 1992 when they released the LS400 with impeccable build quality and a V8 engine for less than the Germans were selling their 6 cylinder sedans for. Both BMW and Mercedes scambled to get competitive V8 models out to compete.

There may be some people here are will dismiss Hyundais as "Cheap Korean Junk" but anyone who does not think that BMW will be buying Hyundai products taking them apart and going through them with a fine tooth comb is very naive.

"Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it"

Very well put.

I'd like to add for as much as people are hyping the BMW Driving Experience, check out the F10. I've driven both the F10 and the Genesis, and yes advantage BMW but it's not a 20K lead, which in reality is the difference between the two.

I wish Mr. Van Hooydonk would've wrapped the F10's body around the E60's dynamics, not that would've been a perfect vehicle, but BMW is definitely leaning towards the softer side of life. For us enthusiasts let's hope they don't pull the same crap with the E30.

I will still likely end up with an F10, so I'm an AHOLE but decision has been tougher than I expected or wanted. The drive was so underwhelming but I love the looks.